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Embracing Digital Payments

The Easy Way!
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At BridgePay Solutions, we provide formal business advisory services for the world of ticket and food sales in professional and college stadiums across the United States.

We appreciate the challenges involved in running a successful business. Managing cash flow, keeping suppliers and customers happy, dealing with staff, product development - the list goes on, and the demands and decisions are continuous and stressful.


Creating a vision for the future and developing a plan to get there.

Decision Support

Equipping you to make good business decisions that are aligned with your strategy.


Short-term project management and contracting engagements to help you 'make it happen'.

IT System Selection

You can no longer separate business and IT, and yet IT decisions are some of the most difficult. There is just so much out there. It's difficult to know which systems will add value and which will not.

At BridgePay Solutions, we aim to bridge the gap between IT enthusiasts and the business by offering impartial advice based on what the business requires not what is fashionable or trendy.

Why Us

iJustOrder & BridgePay


Crowded lines at events are always a buzzkill. Any event-goers biggest nightmare is standing in a line to buy a couple of hot dogs and a drink to miss 20 mins of the event they paid big money for.


Working together with IJustOrder, BridgePay solves the problem of long food and beverage lines in stadium and event centers.

IJustOrder provides a streamlined solution for your events to manage concession purchases efficiently.

Highest quality customer experience

  • Convenient & stress-free in-seat service

  • Never miss a second of the big event

Consumer Process:

  1. Select your option, order before, during and after the game on  the IJustOrder app

  2. Explore, order and pay with your phone

  3. Receive and track your orders

  4. Gain loyalty points!

Give Vendors 360-degree visibility into their business through our robust reporting tools, give Arena Managers the tools to improve the management

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